Current Projects

Note: I’m proud to say that every one of my WIPs has trans people as main characters!

I’m basically always working on a short story. At the moment, I have some on submission, some being edited, and one being written, along with about a dozen being planned.

I have a secret project in the works… 😈 More news to come at the start of 2020.

As for novels, I’ve got two projects in the works:

  1. An epic fantasy series of four volumes, wherein Rylan Bavern looks back on the life of their father figure, Prescriptor Zhuèn, at a time where flying island societies come crumbling down, wars are waged, and people are betrayed in a conspiracy-laden world.
  2. A modern fantasy romance about a trans guy from a witches’ coven who was betrothed to a demon at birth.

I’ve got plenty of other novels planned (far more than I’ll ever be able to write, I’m afraid), so please keep a lookout for more updates!

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