About the Author

Leland Ashford Lanquist smiling, in a floral dark blue suit and a crisp white shirt, with square glasses, bleached hair, and pink skin. In the background is a lawn in front of a long building and a pretty sky with a few sunlit clouds.
May 2018, Me at prom looking very trans, with my pink skin, blue eyes, and white hair (not to mention the suit). My hair has since grown back to its natural brown, but I’m still a fan of this photo, so I’ll leave it for now.

L. A. Lanquist is a transgender author of speculative fiction–both short stories and novels. He lives in Seattle, Washington, though he is originally from Nashville, TN. When he is not writing fiction, he is working on this blog, which focuses on transgender representation in the media. In his free time, he generally obsesses over tv shows and cute animals.

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