Trans Day of Visibility 2019

I’ve been out about being transgender for almost five years now, and I can say that even in that short period of time, so much has changed. Some good, some bad.

The bad has mostly come from hateful and/or uninformed transphobes, who have taken away our hard-earned rights. Those can be taken back, however. The lives taken by their actions cannot.

The good has come from the hard work primarily by trans people who want safety and affirmation—things a human being should not have to fight for.

On Trans Day of Visibility, people may see trans people looking amazing in selfies. People who don’t know better may think that it’s just a cute trend where people get to look their best.

It’s not. It’s the one day in the whole year where we can proudly proclaim, “I am here!” When we can remind you of all of the hardships faced by us and others in the community so we can be here. You’ll see trends in the selfies—many of us are white abled adults. Those who are not are often in situations where they can’t be visible. In the worst cases, they don’t even get a chance to make it to TDOV.

We are visible for ourselves, yes. But we are also visible for those who cannot be.

Please remember on this TDOV to support trans people both through trans-centered charities and through political means. Give space for trans voices and seek us out on your social media platforms. We’re out there, and many of us happy to talk about our experiences. You just have to ask.

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